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Taxis, parking & car rental at Kigali Airport

The parking areas are accessible to visitors and travelers. Parking is charged for the duration. The first hour of parking costs RWF 3000. Each subsequent hour started costs 500 additional RWF. In the event of loss of the ticket of entry, a fine of 5000 RWF must be paid in addition to the parking fees. Advantageous monthly subscriptions are offered to professionals and workers.
Taxis are available 24 hours a day at Kigali International Airport. They are mostly white with a horizontal strip of color. Most do not have meters and any race in Kigali or outside Kigali must be negotiated with the driver before entering the vehicle. The official rates are, from the airport, RWF 2500 for the first kilometer traveled and 600 RWF per additional kilometer (example for the Union Trade Center located 11km: 3100 RWF).

At the end of 2018, Uber announced its establishment in Rwanda. The activities of the American company VTC should start in the first half of 2019.

Shuttles and buses
Kigali's urban transport network is one of the most modern and best organized in Africa. Most buses today are equipped with Wi-Fi and safety and comfort standards make Rwanda a model. Several lines pass on the KN5 road and provide a stop within 400 meters of the terminal. Travel rates are per single trip (RWF 300 on average), per day (600 RWF) or monthly (RWF 10,000 ) and are particularly advantageous.
  • Kigali Bus Service (KBS) operates a line providing hourly direct shuttles between Kigali Airport and the Union Trade Center (UTC) in the business district of central Kigali. The price of this shuttle is RWF 1000.
  • Note: the transport company Volcano Express operate 8 Kigali-Kampala (Uganda) shuttles per day for RWF 10,000.

Some hotels offer free shuttles to their customers. Several VIP hosting services also propose this type of personalized service.

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Car rental companies
Several car rental companies offer their services in Rwanda. Some of them have an office in Kigali International airport where to pick-up your car 24h a day and others provide you with the car on your arrival.

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VIP service
Several companies offer VIP transport service at the airport at an unbeatable price. From the airport to your hotel or residence, anywhere in the country, comfortable and air-conditioned limousines or minibus drive you safely through your journey. These services are available on request.

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